Card Benefits

No matter where you use your card, you're covered 24/7 by the Citi® network of protection services.

Citi® Identity Theft Solutions

Offers cardmembers free assistance in the event of suspected identity theft.

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$0 Liability on Unauthorized Purchases

Means you’ll never pay for any unauthorized charges on your AT&T Universal Card.

New Card Activation

Sometimes we’ll send you a new card with a blocked account to prevent anyone from intercepting the card in the mail and using it. If you find your new AT&T Universal Card is blocked, simply call the number that appears on the sticker on your new card to activate it. Calling from your home phone will help make the card activation process quick and easy.

Fraud Early Warning

If we notice any unusual activity on your account, we'll contact you to verify the charges and obtain your approval before allowing any additional activity.

The Lost Wallet® Service

If your AT&T Universal Card is lost or stolen, call us at 1-800-423-4242. We'll issue a new card. We'll also provide you with emergency cash subject to your available cash advance limit and information to help you replace important documents.1

Virtual Account Numbers

Keep your credit card number and personal information safe. Use a free Virtual Account Number for online purchases.

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1Emergency card replacement outside the continental U.S. may take a minimum of 48 hours. There may be a service fee associated with a request for 24 hour card replacement.

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